Friday, November 16, 2012

Zombies vs Boys

The sky was tinged with yellowish sky as the sun began to set behind the hills. The moon was full. The stars weren’t shining because the grey clouds were blocking it. The whispering of the wind gave us the goosebumps. We were waiting on the bus at school. Then all of a sudden we heard a horrified scream nearby but none of us cared.

I was bored and there was only six of us left in the bus. Tevita was making jokes, Mateo was talking about his winning game, Lave was  too busy doing origami, Heremaia was annoying the bus driver and Tana was leaning his face on the window. If you want to know about me well I’m just relaxing and kicking back.

When all of a sudden the wheels popped and I was a little worried it was better than waiting for two hours. We all went out to see how it happened and it looked like a blade shot it. Then Tevita said “Yay we can camp in the bus tonight” everyone looked at him and said are you nuts! Mateo says “Look there’s a farm should we go inside and check it out”. Bus driver John said “I’ll check it out you kids stay here. He went to go look and Mateo said “who is he calling kids’.

There was a cornfield on the other side of the narrow road and Heremaia had an idea. He said with a cheeky voice why not look for some corn to eat but I said “No way we have to listen to what bus driver John said” and Heremaia said “Your such a wuss” to me and I said “Shut up” and then we waited and waited but bus driver John never came back from the barn.

Heremaia, Lave and Tana went to go check on him while me Mateo and Tevita waited. After a few minutes we heard Heremaia shout out “Run” in a horrified voice. So we all ran with fear. Heremaia was trying to save us so he stayed back and fight but then he didn’t make he got from the zombies Melvin was shouting NO HERMAIA IS A ZOMBIE!!.

Melvin,Tevita and Mateo were still running with fear. Tevita said to Melvin “I’m too young to die”.  Mateo ran past us and the zombies were right behind him so we sprinted to Mateo as fast as we can. Melvin said to Mateo “What happened”. “I was lost then these zombies came out nowhere and started chasing me” “What happened to your face” said Tevita “A zombie scratched me” replied Mateo “But it was epic how I clotheslined one of them” and they laughed. At the end Mateo, Tevita and Melvin survives but one of them gets badly enjured.

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  1. Hi Melvin,

    That is really freaky to me and plus I am afraid of zombies.Anyway I really liked you story.Where did you get your picture from?.I really loved it.

    From Nikita


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