Friday, April 8, 2011

Best Time of my Life

I woke up on a Saturday morning feeling very strange I didn't see my brother sleeping next to me usually he stays in bed forever and when he gets up he annoys me all day. I was walking down the hallway and I noticed it was quiet usually it's always noisy because of the baby's they always cry or make a mess. I went in the kitchen and I saw a whole bunch of shopping on the table I saw coco,milk,weetbix,movies,PS3games,Soda,Packet of Chips and sausage rolls from My Bakery.

That’s when I hooked upped the cables of the PS3 onto my 80 inch Flat-screen and played WWE All stars I was eating the packet of chips like a pig and then I cooked up some popcorn then watched a scary movie called IT then that’s when felt kind lonely so I turned of the TV then went to my bedroom I was lying down thinking when is everybody gonna come home I fell a sleep kind of sad. When I woke up because my brother was snoring right next to my ear I went through the hallway I noticed that it was noisy and messy then I thought it was all a dream.

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  1. Hey Melvin.I didn't know you had all stars,it must be a cool game.What other games do you have?Its been a long time since i have played WWE games in a long time.Keep up the good work.
    See you later
    From Robert


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