Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Future Aspirations

There was this one time when me and my brother was running down the street with no shoes going to the shop. As I was running I stopped when I turned around I saw my brother bleeding holding his feet. There was a cut and I saw the inside of his foot. I looked at him he wasn't screaming and he wasn't crying but he just said that it was stinging. I then carried him onto my back and carried him back home. When the ambulance came they thanked me for bringing him home and that’s when I wanted to save lives like ambulance workers and doctors.

Well want I would want to do is save lives like being a surgical doctor or an ambulance worker. Or either become an architect you know designing houses or even mansions. If those don’t work out I’ll start up a restaurant called Melvinz-Munchiez which would pretty awesome. Imagine having pork nuggets or even pork tacos or pork head, well you know what I mean. But my number one job is to be a secret-agent. Like Johnny English and James Bond.

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  1. That's really awesome Melvin, you the person I know that has a story and a reasoning behind what you have chosen as a job, remember all the things you have chosen are all achievable!

    -Joshua I


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