Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Reflection

Class for me this year was one-hundred percent because it felt like I still had some strategies from last year plus I'm in the same class with Mrs Squires. Physical fitness for me was eighty percent because running around the reserve was fun. Maori lessons with Ms Titio was probably ninety-eight percent cause I loved the new Waiatas and Mihis we learned.

The thing that was one-hundred and twenty percent for me was the literacy and creative rotation because I loved movie making with Ms King and writing about different topics with Mrs Lagitupu. Net-books were the same but for some reason I feel guilty for playing games sometimes.

Starting at eight-thirty in the morning was exhausting for me because I usually wake up at that time. I just like singing in the morning with my class and hearing other people’s Mihis. Detention didn't really effect me in any way because I only went like three times. Friends from this year are probably Tevita, Mateo, Alex, Tau and Josh. My favourite subject is reading and I reckon that twenty-thirteen for me was five-hundred percent.

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