Monday, December 2, 2013

Swimming T4

Swimming was fun and exciting at first but when we really swimed I was focused and serious and ended up in the the level 1 class in the leisure pool. First we learn basics such as kicking,breathing and pointy toes. First we did head looking up kicking from wall to wall. Which was pretty easy but tiring. Then we did some head under water kicking to wall to wall which was quite hard for me.

Then we started with arm-strokes with head in water. Easier because arm-strokes make you faster. Then we started swimming side-ways that meant half our head had to be in the water while kicking side-ways. I love swimming side-ways because I always come first in that swimming style. Our instructors are Tobey,Haley and Irene but my favourite was Tobey because he was fun plus he’s a boy.

Then we did a swim where we do ten kicks with our head in the water then we spin around onto our backs then start kicking and floating looking at the ceiling. Then finally we have a race at the end with any style of our choice my choice was running in the water but I came last of course. After I finish I go jump in the cold pool where the advanced people swim to get cooled down.

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