Monday, December 9, 2013

Camp highlights

The ride to Rotorua was my highlight of the first day of camp. I also liked the nature walk we had because Hare and I took a short-cut and beat our buddies. But the best of all was dinner which was chicken casserole,steamed rice,glazed carrots and a mix of peas and corn and butter heaps of butter. I'm sharing my
cabin with Mateo,Josh,Richard and Hossanah. But I hated it because Mateo and Richard keeps on farting.

My highlight for the second day of camp was the was the fresh thermal creek we swam in. The Agrodome show was cool how they learned the sheep to go to their right spot on the stage and how the dogs jump onto the sheep and leaps from side to side. After the show we got to feed the baby sheep's and watch the ducks fight. But best of all was milking the cows it was fun and funny. For dinner we had nacho chips and a meat nacho dish which was yummy.

The third day was wet and we went for a one hour bush walk around the blue lake. Then we had a swim in the blue lake in the rain which was fun. Then we went to the pools and we were aloud to do bombs there was even a trampoline. For dinner we had roast chicken with roast potatoes and peas again. I had two plates and the rest of my cabin group had four plates which is a big appetite.

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