Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reflection: 2013

Having a net-book compared to paper and pencil is one-hundred times better. I think with the internet disconnecting sometimes is probably
because of minor issues. Net-books are bad and good because it helps me with maths with maths site such as Xtra-math, Maths-whizz and Sumdog. With reading I go to Oxford-owl. Then for writing of course I go to Google-docs.

I think the special thing I’ve learned from my teacher this year is probaly when you are doing Ratio for maths you have to keep on using the same strategie to make it to the answer. Like there was a ratio for boys and girls. For every five girls there were five boys so if there was fifth-teen girls how much boys would be there. First I did three times five equals fifth-teen. So I did the same strategie and did fifth-teen plus fifth-teen equals thirty.

Khi khi has taught me to use Terminal and download software safely on line. Tau had taught me basic facts and Tevita taught me how to be dodgy on our net-books. I only took my net-book home at the beginning of the year but I only taught my sister how to play Super-Tux a platform type game which is pretty smart for a four year old girl. I also taught my mum how to use the internet better and she’s only thirty years old.

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