Monday, November 18, 2013

Friend Description

Tevita: He is funny and annoying but athletic these are his known personalities. His favourite food is probably fried rice with pork. His favourite movie is Rush-hour or Ip-man mine is Snakes on a plane which is rated adults only. He’s fast and his jokes are not funny but I pretend to laugh to make him feel good because that's what friends do.

Mateo: He’s good at rugby and cross-country. He has no favourite food because he is always on diet’s for rugby. He must look fit but he’s actually lazy. He likes comedy action movies like me. He never dances and sings around people because he’s quite but his jokes are funnier than Tevita he’s also the same height as me.

Tau: He’s a game-freak but he’s not lazy and is funnier than comedians. His favourite movies are ones with guns,bombs and bazooka’s. His favourite food is grape flavoured fizzy drinks which is pretty ironic if you ask me. He has long hair and is a inch taller than me I think.

Gabriel: He’s funny but not funny. His favourite movie is Chucky which is funny to me. He plays rugby league for Otahuhu-Leopards and is good at playing touch. His favourite food is fried bread which is my second favourite. His favourite colour is red but mine is purple.

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