Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Temple of Miltonius

As I collected some petals from a rare plant I then catched up to the rest of my Tomb-raiders behind a ginormous tree of baboons. We were searching for a relic in a hidden temple of Miltonious. We stopped at a cliff wall covered in vines and dead weeds. We then continued to scan the wall searching for  a secret door. We then cleaned the whole wall and found symbols all over the wall.

Luckily we had Adam who was a symbol reader. He studied the symbols and copied some of them on to his notes. We were bored so we started pushing our hands into the wall randomly to find the door. Then Adam yelled “ STOP “! We all stopped and stared at him and said “ What?”. He replied “there are booby traps so I wouldn’t do that if I was you”. I looked at him laughing then I pushed one more time when I felt like as I was falling I looked down frightened when I saw me and my crew falling into pitch black. As I screamed I was thinking that i’m going to splat at the bottom of this hole.

I then heard a splash. I looked down and saw a shimmer of water. I then thanked god and dived a little scared. I looked around and saw treasure I was so happy but also disgusted because I was soaked in anceint water. To be continued!

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