Friday, April 8, 2011


On Friday 16 of March was the first day of camp some kids were excited and some were nervous because it was their first time being participating in the Point England camp just like me but some kids were excited because everybody went to swimmarama.

It’s the second day of camp and everybody are tired because where all doing Jump jam at 7.00am. I’m in Super chargers for camp there’s teams for camp they are responsible Rockers,Respond Stars,True Crew and All stars.

The girls in my group went to the kitchen and helped Mrs Jarman with dishes and make scones. So the boys went campfire cooking with Mrs .M. and it was cool because Mrs .M. gave the helpers marshmallows and we even made dough-boys and it was delicious.

okay it’s the last day of camp and breakfast is served and everybody excited about going back home and everybody liked lunch at the end of the day we did sport and it was really cool because we did all kind of sports.

At the very end every body met in the hall with Mr Burt and he showed us a camp book that was made 8 years ago so that meant that this year were gonna make a camp book on our net-book.

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