Friday, November 30, 2012

Yr 7 fun day!!!

We were all suprised that we were doing fun challenges I hoped it would be fun but the first task was about thinking and using your brain but we still had some laughs. Our first task was to make a christmas tree out of a few news papers and coloured plain paper with a small tape and some foil and string. There were rules that you had to have four branches so my team thinked and thinked and then ding we had a idea. It took time till we thought out our plan but at the end our teams christmas tree as the only tree with four branches and on each branch we put a stocking on for each teacher.

After we finished our christmas task we had a slingshot challenge but you needed teamwork skills and catching skills. Our sling shot challenge wasn’t quite great for our team but we came successful in the end. We all wnet back to the srteet to do a challenge that was quite eazy for some of us but we were the third team to finish.

Then we did a challenge where we had to sit on each others knees in a circle and hand up our balloons and count 123 but my team was trying to get the teachers attentions and at the end we ened up coutint to 12 so we could have came 1st to be honest. The challenge was funny but our team completed challenge like a real team.

After luch the teachers discussed who will be the winning team I had a feeling that we would come second or third when it was decided we all met up at the street and Mrs.Noa told the runner up team which my best friend was in and then it came to a drum roll in my head and then woohoo my team came first but we didn’t cheered when she said we were the winning team we stayed humbled and clapped for everyones participation.

I loved the day and hope next time wil be even better!!!

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