Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reflection for 2012!!!

In 2012 I was glad that I was a year 7 because I'm one of the big kids now. I like my new class because theres a lot of windows and enough space and theres even a podcasting room which is really handy. The street is a wonderful place to have lunch and the picnic tables are handy too. The sides of the street is very cool to play hand-ball and the shade clothes keeps us cool.

I love the subjects Reading and Writing, I'm doing well in reading but I don't know about Writing. Ms.Squires said I'm doing all right in my Maths but, I'm sure I'm failing a little. Friends are dependent and caring so we're all like cousins. Teacher is fantastic and glad I had Ms.Squires this year because she really pushed me to do my best.

The net books were fine but, It was my responsibility that failed my net book this year. The Imacs worked fine the hyperstudio had a couple of glitches but we were still able to use it well enough. The library was fantastic as usual but my class lost heaps of books which was irresponsible. The school grounds was fabulous and safe and I loved 2012!!!

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