Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brave as!!!

Alex looked at his watch. “Oh no I hope the others aren’t already at the park.”  As soon as he got there he saw rubbish flying around everywhere.This isn’t the greatest day to be doing fireworks,” he thought. Scanning the park he saw his friends at the other side huddled over something.  Alex felt suspicious. He wandered over. “What are you guys doing?” he said in a quiet voice.
“We’re trying to light the fireworks but they don’t work,” Max replied. They were struggling to light it in the gusty wind. Alex smelled something funny so he turned around and saw a bunch of teenage boys covered in tattoos, walking in a funny way and wearing all these bandanas.

Alex couldn’t stop looking when all of a sudden one of the boys said, “Homie what you looking at?”  Alex froze. HIs heart started pounding and he felt as if he was about to faint.  

Suddenly the boys started walking towards them. “Run”!!! he shouted to his friends. His friends looked up. “Quick run to the woods” Max yelled.  They sprinted off as fast as they could.

After a few minutes they all met at a junked up shed in the middle of the woods. Alex turned around and looked at everyone. He knew something was wrong. His jaw dropped and he snapped and quickly said where is Max everyone was worried.

Then Alex had some tears dripping from his eyes. He said sniffing at the same time “This is all my fault that means I have to go look for him” everyone was amazed how brave he was but at the same time didn’t want him to go by himself but Alex friends won’t leave him so they went together.”I hope he is alright” Alex t. It was nearly dark when unexspectedly Alex heard whining and cries and he knew it was Max he ran and ran and found Max on the ground with a blooding leg.

Max couldn’t move it was too painful and it was dark already. Alex was with Max and was calling help then Max saw a light it was a police officer with a torch. Alex was happy now but still felt bad to what he put Max through. The next day Alex went to visit Max in the hospital and said sorry. Max forgived him and said thank you for saving me. After a few hours Alex got a reward from the principal and the mayor he was now the bravest teenager.

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