Thursday, August 23, 2012

Smoking is bad

If you smoke you would have a chance to die faster and do not persuade people to smoke or else they will be a follower.  Persuading people is bad  because then it will pass on to everyone else and then there won't be any people alive.

Smoking is bad for you because it has more than 4000 chemicals in every cigarette which can affect your health.  Chemicals. Different diseases. Chance of dying. If you smoke then you will affect your children's health because they might already have a sickness and won’t be allowed to smell it.

Smoking is also hard to quit because it is addictive. If you stop smoking you will probably stress a lot. When you first smoke you get a sense of pleasure but trying to quit will be very desperate.If you smoke very young you will grow up pretty ugly and if you rather like smoking than eating vegetables you will have a bad life wasting your money on smoke #and have a bad life. So don’t persuade people to smoke.

Teenagers smoke to look cool or they just need it. Why do they need it? They need it because once they start, Their mind going to say I need lots more than one I need a thousand. When your mind says something  like needing smokes it's going to want more  when the brain gets it until your old your going to look.


  1. Hi Melvin,
    Cool work about that writing about smoking could cause cancer. KEEP IT UP.

  2. Hi Melvin
    That looks cool. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Melvin
    It is true it hard to quit.Keep it up.


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