Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pt.england cross country

As Mr.Burt was getting us prepared I was psyching myself to jolt speed like Flash. Suddenly he banged his clappers then everybody sprinted except me. I jogged for a minute then I went faster and faster. Straining but still going strong I was trying my best. As I was running I already knew I wouldn’t even make it to the top ten but I still put in my best effort. As I ran past Mrs.Wild this was the bit where it got muddy.

When I got up to the reserve I saw my friend Heremaia cheering for us to keep going I also saw Mrs.King in blue which meant she was in Tainui. It was getting muddier and I was getting dirtier. I hated and liked Cross-country and the same time. My friends Tevita and Tana joged with me while we were making our way through the creek.

As we were making our way through the creek there was mud, puddles, muddy stairs and some trees you had duck down from. As we joged half way Tevita boosted it leaving me run with Tana and Piri. As we were making our way out of the creek I was angry because we had to do a lap around the reserve. When I finished the lap I was so exsausted.

I was nearly to the finished line but I was walking. Then I saw Tana sprinting behind and I just beat him and I fell down straight away after I past the finish line. As I was lying down I was proud of myself because I tried my best I came 11th but I still thought that was a good place and it was also better than my score last year. I saw my friends huffing and puffing I was also proud of them too that cross country was a very dirty nightmare.

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