Friday, August 3, 2012


My class and I were getting ready for basket-ball on Thursday and I was excited. I was hoping we can play a game of basket-ball, but we learned some lessons and played a different game using team-work.
The lesson was techniques making sure you can get the ball and round it around your head,leg,hip, and other leg. We also learned some lessons of passing. We did a pass when we have to push the ball on the ground to bounce to team mate. We did a other pass where we had to do a pass over our heads.

Our game we played was a game where you have to keep passing the ball continuous to your team-mates fifth-teen times. The technique was move fast and share the ball which my team did. My team won one game and draw the next game because nobody won but my team had 13 the other team had only 12 so that means my team technically won.

I like dribbling because the ball goes bounce, bounce and bounce in our lessons. We had to dribble to the mark where we do our lesson then throw back the ball to our team-mates. Heaps of teams did some funny mistakes and one made a person cry. My friend Heremaia got hit on the head with the ball which was quite sour the thing I like about basket-ball is the momentum and speed it has in the game and a special thanks to the guys who teached us.                                              

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