Friday, March 2, 2012


”On a wet Friday morning Pt-england school was excited and couldn’t wait for thier awsome picnic at the Pt-england beach!!! They all had packed lunch and a water bottle in thier bag and some families came with picnic. At the beach sports were held everywhere like soft-ball rippa-rugby even cricket but with pacific bats. The grey sky was fading away and the sun bursted out with some blue sky.

I was playing with sand with my friends Tevita,Heremiah and Mateo. We had great time because Tevita and Heremiah was buring thier feet under the sand like three feet under and me and Mateo was having digging comp it was so fun. Then we started making a water trail we will do a thick line in the sand then fill it with water then the water will go to the other thick lines running along.
After that me Heremiah and Mateo decided to go for a swim Tevita couldn’t because his Nan thinks he will get the cold.

As soon as me and two other friends went into the water I felt a very cold chill going up my body. I thought I wouldn’t get that much cuts on my foot but I was wrong. I was playing the then all of a sudden I felt something wrap around my leg then it pulled me down! I had a feeling it was somebody I know who do you think it is? I went under water struggling to get out of that thing wrapping around me I got out and the person that I pulled up was Mateo of course he is really sneaky and likes to tackle.

We got out of the water to have lunch I saw my sister on the way to the changing room she said my mum came with pinic. I was starving I quickly got changed and ran to eat I gave some food to my friend Tevita and I forced to eat some more. After that me and Tevita played rugby with a giant tennis ball it was one tuff game.Later that day it was home time and I was eating a packet cravers we went to school and had a reast then we went home the end.

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