Monday, March 26, 2012

Dr Ben Carson

Benjamin was born in Detroit, Micchigan. Sonya his mother dropped out of school when she was in third grade and got married when she was thirteen. At the young age of eight his parents sadly divorced so his mother was alone to look after Benjamin and his older brother Curtis on her own. Bengamin grew a anger tempt because kids at his school will always call him dummy because he was at the bottom of the class.

Benjamins mother had to work 2 sometimes 3 jobs at a time to provide her boys. As soon as Sonya saw Bens failing grades she determined to change his life around. She limited their television watching and said they have to finish their homework everyday to play outside.
They even had to read 2 library books a week. Ben wasn’t really happy about it.

One day Bens teacher walked into the class with a rock then that’s when Ben realised he wasn’t dum. When the teacher asked what kind of rock it is Ben waited for someone to put their hands in the air but no one did so he put his hand up and said the right answer everybody was amazed. A year past and Benjamin was already at the top of the class.

Learning took over his mind and was very hungry to read he was also now good at all subjects. His goal was to be phyisian so he had to control his anger temper. He graduated and attended to Yale University and got a scolarship in phsycology. From Yale he went to medical school of the University of Micchigan. Where his dream moved to psychiatry to neurosurgery. After medical school he became a neurosurgeon at the famous James hopkins hospital in Baltimore.

He was 32 when he became the hospital director of pediatric neurosurgery. In 1987, Carson happily made medical history to seprate siamese twins. The two twins binded together from the back of the head. Orparations like this fail like one or both dying. Carson did the orparation and a 70-member surgical team helped him. They did the orperation for 22 hours. At the end the twins were successfully apart and can live safe.

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