Friday, March 23, 2012


As me and and my friend Tevita were walking to the markey we were excited Tevitas carb-muscles were already pumped up and I felt a energy boost shoot through my body.
We saw some of our team mates sitting in a line I think they were trying to empress Mr.Barks and Miss.Langitupu. We started with a little activity using tape,paper,rubber and a stick. I knew we were making sling-shots.

Now it was time to make one we all had a team I was in team Joe with Tevita,Tana,Niuma,Unaloto and Joe ofcourse. Our first slingshot was a fail and our second was a C- that meant we lost to team Havea. We made bullets for our sling-shot with some paper and tape, but Tevita and Niuma made the woresest ones. Buckets were our aims but my team hardly took a shot which stinked.

Finally it was time for the Amazing-race Mr.Barks gave each team a map and there were arrows to where we had to go me and Tevita went to the Bakery near by. As me and Tevita were joging to the Bakery with excitment Joseph was catching up so we blitzed it and when we got to the Bakery Joseph was still in school grounds. I asked the man can I please receive the item and he gave a egg to me I said thank you and blitzed back to. I was giving the egg to Tevita and our hands were to slippery and we dropped the egg. I knew it was Tevitas fault but I blamed on myself just to be nice.

We got to school and got disqaulified it was kinda sad but we still made a hobo-stove everybody it was fun. It was time to do our last challenge it was we had to spell respect with our body it was fun the end.


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    That is great post of the Amazing Race. And I really like your writing Keep up the good work!


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