Friday, November 4, 2011

My Planet

On Neptune (A blue planet named after the god of the sea!) me and my family lived happily but quite bizzar! Me my brother Jr and of course my mum and dad were the only family who got to own a planet. Our neibours were blue mystical creatures who use whistling for talking. But they translate our language with their teeth totally awesome ay? Well my family is really sporty me and my freind Rex (Alein) always try to look for history or treasure which is like a adventure everyday like a cartoon. And guess what we found a long shiny stick with sea pictures on it and beautiful shells on the top and bottom. I knew that we must be the new Gods of Neptune.

Its my second year living in Neptune and me and Rex are the kings of pranks once we threw water ballons at the Presidents wife, when she was talking too much about the future but some of it was important so we got introuble. I now live in a 10 roomed house with my family and butler (Nerman) he has a really strong voice and big blue eyes and teeth like a pirhana. But hes awesome to play with espicially who could eat a oyster the fastest. You wanna know I get my food well this is how. Some space ships from Neptune goes to earth and fish and sometimes hunt for meat and desert is Oyster all the time. Which is bizzare.

Oh yeah how we breath well one day the Earths atmosprere broke I do not know why and all the oxygen went to space yeah amaizing ay? But who cares you know why cause theres no school and plus we don't pay for anything. I'm looking for treasure by myself now Rex and his family is gone camping I wanted to go but my mum says they might eat me I thought so too. I'm now bored because because I miss Earth. I hope the Earth solks up all the water so I can go back and live happily ever after.

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