Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Holidays

On the first week of the Holidays I made a schedule for the Holidays I thought it would've been a good idea but it turned out to be quiet tricky. First I'll do the house-work on Monday then I'll get the swimming pool pumped up and put some water in. I wash the dishes and hang the washing. Then that's when I stopped thinking about ideas because there were visitor's so I went to say hi.

It was my Nana and Aunty's they came to play Playing-Cards with my Mum. I got my Nana and Aunty's a drink my Mum was pleased that I did that. So time to get back to writing I thought that I'll do some activity's at Dunkirk and play Sports in the Weekends. So thats what I did with the other week. Oh yeah I even went to Whangarei for a swim it was great.

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