Monday, November 7, 2011

My Happily Ever After story!!!

Once upon a time on a beautiful island lived three Tongan boys. One was brave one was cheeky and the other is normal. Their names are Mateo,Tevita and Melvin they were all bulky and bold. They all had a birth mark on their left side of their left eye amazing warriors don't you think.
Their Mum and Dad are the king and Queen of the island so they are important to the island. They have ancestors who were gods. I hope that they have a position of action soon.

It is 2001 and the island is great then ever they were celebrating a party because it was Tevitas birthday we drank coconut and ate flounder which was Mateos favourite. But something was wrong Melvin thought that there were some people watching them so he went to the back to see if anybody is their then all of a sudden a group of men wearing black crowed around Melvin he was getting ready to fight but he already got ambushed and kidnapped dadadadaaaaa. What do you think should happen next.

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