Wednesday, May 22, 2013

League fun!!!

Walking up to our league teachers I was shivering with excitement. Our tutor was James and he wanted us to recount what we did last week, we done communication and team-work last week. First we learned grubber kicks which was fun but also complicated at the same time. We then took two steps back and kicked from a longer distance. Finally we learned the chip kick which is the most favourite to boys my age. But we also had to go two steps back again which was pretty easier actually.

Next we played a game where two people will be on attack and one on defence it was fun but dirty and slippery at the same time. As I was running beside Alex (Attack partner) he went to grubber for me but he failed because Jayden (Class mate) kicked it away, what a fail. I was defence now and Frankie (Class mate) was running with the ball but when I was just about to touch him he passed it to Gabriel on the wing.

The lesson end and everyone was pumped and happy.

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