Wednesday, May 22, 2013


What is diabetes you say? Well, diabetes is a disorder in which you have too much glucose in your blood and not enough insulin. The pancreas, the gland close to your stomach, either can’t make the insulin or the insulin doesn't work. One of it’s most important jobs is to make the insulin, a hormone that allows your body to absorb the glucose so that your body can have energy.

To prevent diabetes you have to be on a diet and do exercise daily. Too much sugar is not good for people with diabetes because you can lose your limbs and eyesight. You can even lose your life through a heart attack, sleep apnoea or a stroke. You have to test your blood glucose level everyday. If it’s too much it means she/he missed an injection or ate too much sugar. Sometimes too much exercise means they have to eat something because their blood sugar level might be too low and they need more energy.

There is a healthy food pyramid for diabetics. It says to have small amounts of sweets, fried food, ice-cream and soft drinks. It also says to have moderate amounts of eggs, cheese, milk, and meat. And finally have a large amounts of fruit, vegetables, bread and cereals. This is also an important lifestyle to keep to prevent diabetes. So stay healthy everyone.

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