Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stormy day

Leaves creating tornados and mud turning slimy and I think to myself “Why does the weather have to be like this on a Friday”. As I was walking up the foot-path I turned up my headphones because the sound of the roaring sea and slimy nature with the storm sounded horrible. I saw a mother trying to keep her pram steady and I felt sorry for her. My hoodie wasn’t keeping the spray off my face and my hands were shaking with purple fingers.

As I got up to the bus stop it was empty and I was sitting there all alone. Then all of a sudden a peice of paper flew on my face and I read it. It said, "Get wet today at the wave pools." I said to myself “Who wants to go to the pools today”. Then I saw a car speeding and when it drove past the next thing, all I saw was a wave of water aiming for me. When I opened my eyes I said to myself “Can this day get worse” and I sighed. I saw a dog coming up to me but it looked nice, then it peed on me.

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