Monday, February 11, 2013

Waitangi day!!!

On waitangi day we had a BBQ for lunch at my uncles place at Mt wellington. My my favourite food was the chicken pasta deeeeelicious. While we were waiting for dinner we were riding on our scooters racing one another but we had some falls. I was bored riding on scooters so I sneaked to my Uncles room with my brother and we were playing his PS3. The game we played was called MW3 and me and my brother was doing surviving mode but my brother kept on dieing.

When dinner was ready I was already on the table waiting for some chicken pasta. When I done eating my stomach so stuffed I went on a bean-bag and fell asleep. I woke up when their was music and everyone was dancing on the deck. I tried to fall asleep again but no chance with that sound. So got up and joined the party. It was time to go home and I felt exaughested. I couldn’t wait to go home and onto my bed.

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