Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Gaming Weekend

On Friday me and my brother (Jr) were playing Smack-down vs Raw vs 2010 on our PS2. My brother kept beating me on Money in the Bank, I only won once! When my brother and myself were tired of the game we decided to go outside and play touch with our friends Tan and Rocky.

We were losing after 40 minutes because we were to tired. But then we fought back and played a game of Bull-Rush. I was the best of course! After that we all went inside to have dinner. We were all having Fish 'n' Chips. After dinner I was about to go outside but all of a sudden my Parents told me I was sleeping over at my Mum's best friends house. I thought yes!

I was so happy because they have a PS3 and a PSP and including my Net-Book I had heaps to do! That night we watched 'The other Guys' with our friends TJ and Kapuwana. On Saturday we had to get up bright and early for the boy's rugby game. TJ (6) won his game but Kapuwana (10) lost his game. After that we played Tekken 6 and I was Raven, I was unstoppable. After that we slept for Sunday and it was a lazy day.

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