Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our trip to MOTAT

On Thursday the 31st of June Rooms 15, 16 and 17 from Pt England School went to Motat. When we got there we met this man called Fraser. He was talking about stuff we should be doing and stuff we shouldn't be doing there. I was in Tauwhare's big sister’s group with Tevita, Andrea, Te Rina, Jay'Lee, Turuhira and Zion. The first thing we did was have Morning tea. After that we went straight to the tactile dome.

Once we got in there it was so dark, so dark it was like pitch black. There were lots of obstacles that we had to climb, crawl and slide over. It was so cool but, people kept screaming and arguing. Once we were inside it wasn't so scary, after all it was fun. Once we got out every body was excited for the Mirror Maze. Every body was freaked once they got into the mirror maze. Next we went to explore the rest of the place. It was fun! We saw old cars, fire engines and buses. We also saw an old school, black smiths forge and old cottages and then it was lunchtime. After that we went and explored and then we went back to school.

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