Wednesday, July 3, 2013


As the trained warrior used his hands of iron to climb the cliff, his dream was to make it to the top so he can attend the school of Kung-fu. When he made it to the edge of the cliff he was
standing proud but now he had to use his legs of steel to go up the thousand steps of stairs. He finally made it with sweat of perseverance. He looked around and all he can hear is the whispers of the wind.

He knocked waiting for the Sensei anxiously to open the patterned ancient door. As the door opened the warriors heart was thumping the Sensei stepped out and pointed as if he was telling him to go away. When the Sensei closes the door the warrior just meditates until the Sensei let’s him in. The Sensei pointed away again and slammed the door. The warrior grew a frown and walked away. He then stopped and quinched his eyebrows then tightened his fists.

He turned around and karate kicked the door with anger. The Sensei stomped out with wild eyes he then pointed clearly at a sign. The sign then said use the side entrance the warrior stood there ashamed then walked away proud.

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