Monday, April 8, 2013

Triathlon - Melvin

As I was walking with goosebumps of excitement I realised I didn’t bring any togs for the water slide. I looked around and hardly any one had brought any togs except for Gabriel. As we sat down next to room 15 I thought it was race against classes, but I was wrong we went in groups, first up was the room 15 girls (only three of them had togs). I cheered as they started sliding. I thought hard that I really wanted to slide too. Everyone was screaming when they got to the bikes. All the girls rushed and some were cheating, so finally all they had to do was run which was the worst part.

It was the room 20 girls next they were more focused and confident but only one girl took on the water slide. The biking was intense for the girls so they were even faster in the running. Laita came first by a mile actually so she really did try her best. She was focused and ready.

It was time for the room 15 boys but none of them had togs. They were determined to come first and they were serious.The bike race was an exciting scene. Logan was coming first with Wyatt right behind him. When it got to the running Logan took his time whereas Wyatt was really keen to come first and he did.

Finally it was time for the room 20 boys to go which included me. It was only Gabriel, Tevita and I who took on the water slide. Unfortunately I paid for it as I got sick after the race. At the end Raenen came first and Auri came second which is still good for a triathlon.

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