Tuesday, May 29, 2012


As we were walking to Kiwi-kick my class and I (Room 20) were shivering. I was also rubbing my hands together briskly so I can warm up my numb fingers. I also saw trees rustling and Flags were flapping. “It was cool that we were going to kiwi-kick for another year”. I was hoping that we were going to advance but we still did some same skills. My favourite skill is the specy.          

Week 2 and I’m already loving this sport we already know hand-pass and pirate dance we also know drop punt do you know how to play kiwi-kick?We played a game in week 1 which was called cat and mouse. This week we played cheetah and leopared. It was fun and hard at the same time which was difficult.

"Last week and I’m the man at this game", I’m like a expert. First we warmed up with a game then we went through the things we learned. The people who taught us AFL were Micheal, Anita and Sam they were cool. Last thing we did was a great game called over the river. It was fun and I hope I do AFL next year.

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  1. Hi brother me Ana i like your post it is great work not

    just jokes......hahaha it is so cool

    keep it up LOL..........


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